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Does a Water Softener Help With Dry Skin?

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Posted by Spencer | June 10, 2023 | Reading Time:

If you've ever struggled with dry skin, or if you're experiencing dry skin now, you might feel frustrated and upset. Dry skin looks unsightly and feels uncomfortable. Many homeowners that struggle with dry skin suspect that their home's water supply could be to blame, so they ask, "Does a water softener help with dry skin?"

We are here to explain how hard water dries your skin, whether or not water softeners help dry skin, and what you should do if your Phoenix home has hard water.

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does a water softener help with dry skin

Hard Water Is a Common Problem for Sensitive Skins

Could installing a water softener mitigate the effects of hard water on dry skin? Hard water contains substantial amounts of dissolved minerals, mainly calcium and magnesium. A household’s water supply should contain some dissolved minerals even in its purest form, but classifying the water as ‘hard’ means this mineral count is excessive.

Hard water affects your home's appliances, causing clogs and residue on things like water heaters and washing machines. But it also affects people’s skin by drying it out too much.

Hard Water Causes Dry Skin By Absorbing Natural Oils

The minerals in hard water work to remove the skin's natural oils. The process dries out the skin, which removes the protection it needs. Since hard water deprives the skin of much-needed moisture, the skin cells flake and die more easily, leading to dry, itchy skin. 

The skin damage from hard water can also result in inflammation long-term, as repeated harm to the skin cells can make them itchy and red in appearance. Homeowners with pre-existing skin conditions—eczema, in particular—can experience serious outbreaks as they grapple with hard water effects. It can also cause acne breakouts, as the mineral content more easily clogs the pores. 

Using a high-quality, expensive body wash or lotion while bathing may help to reduce hard water's nasty side effects. However, for the sake of your skin and hair long-term, you should consider further action.

Knowing The Signs of Hard Water Makes Implementing the Right Solutions Simple

How can you recognize the signs of hard water? Firstly, seeing a soapy residue, known as soap scum, is a telltale sign that your property has hard water. It gathers along sinks and other wet spaces and feels strange to the touch.

Other problems that homeowners experience when dealing with hard water include the following:

  • Dry scalp
  • Dull-looking hair
  • Dishes that won’t come clean easily

Clear glass is especially vulnerable to soap scum buildup, showing fine lines on the surface that never seems to rub off. The appliances on the property might also struggle to function. For example, hot water heaters, dishwashers, and washing machines require more energy to run when they use hard water, sending your energy bill through the roof.

Are you interested in a simple way to test your water supply to see whether it classifies as “hard water?” 

  • Fill a clear bottle about one-third full with tap water. 
  • Mix liquid soap into it.
  • Close the bottle.
  • Shake it for about 10 seconds.

Are there bubbles? If not, and the water appears murky, you have hard water at home.

How Water Softeners Help Dry Skin and Other Issues

Does a water softener help with dry skin? Absolutely. There are many reasons why every home should have a water softener, but chief among them is that water softeners prevent skin damage.

By removing magnesium, calcium, and other minerals from the water, these water softeners can eliminate the elements responsible for drying your skin. All you have to do to give your skin a break is to place a water softener on a showerhead or faucet. These systems achieve the perfect balance in your water supply to safeguard your skin, improve the water’s taste, and stop feeling slippery to the touch.

A comprehensive solution for hard water issues could also be a whole-house water filtration system. It will purify the entire water supply to the home. It costs more than individual water softeners but affords extra protection that pays off in lower electricity bills and more.

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So, does a water softener help with dry skin? Yes, it does, but you still need plumbing professionals to streamline your home's water supply. Why not contact Rainforest Plumbing & Air for quality water treatment and plumbing services in Phoenix, Arizona?

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