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Faucet Installation

Faucet Installation in Phoenix, AZ
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Faucet Installation & Replacement in Phoenix, AZ

Leaking or broken faucets can be very annoying, not to mention the water they waste dripping down your drains. Faucet repairs can be as simple as tightening a few fittings, or as complex as rebuilding the entire faucet assembly. Many times it is best to replace an old faucet with a brand a new one. Beware of the urge to do-it-yourself, however. It may look simple, but the confined space under and behind most sinks requires special tools. The same goes for in-wall assemblies in most showers and tubs. Fortunately, when you need professional faucet installation and replacement in Phoenix, Rainforest Plumbing & Air is here to get the job done ASAP!

To learn more about our faucet options, call (480) 359-3664 for Phoenix Metro Area.

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What Are the Different Types of Faucets?

The most common type of faucet found in kitchens and bathrooms is the cartridge faucet, which operates with a movable stem cartridge that moves up and down to regulate water flow. As opposed to a ball faucet that you push back to turn on, a single handle cartridge faucet operates in an “up/down” motion to adjust water volume and a “left/right” motion for temperature.

Modern faucets include an aerator for water conservation and efficiency, too. The aerator breaks up the stream of water into small droplets. A faucet aerator also helps to meet U.S. Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certifications by limiting the total flow of water.

Some faucets have detachable heads to make washing dishes more effective as well, and almost all taps today are mixer taps (except for those found feeding the washing machine). This means that they provide both hot and cold water through one outlet. This allows the user to mix both hot and cold to find a suitable temperature.

Faucet Installation in Phoenix, Az
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When Do I Need Faucet Installation in Phoenix?

When it comes to manufacturers of faucets, North America has a few major players. These include Delta, Moen, American Standard, and Pfister. All of these major producers have their advantages and disadvantages, so if you are looking to upgrade or remodel, make sure that you consider your options before making a decision. Common signs it’s time to replace your faucet include:

It’s dripping water

It’s spitting water

It’s covered in rust or mineral build-up

It’s got a squeaky handle

There are high-pitched screeching or clanking sounds coming from it

Faucet problems are generally created by simple parts malfunctions. Cartridges are also subject to normal wear-and-tear. Luckily, Rainforest Plumbing & Air has cartridges and parts in stock for all major brands. We promise to help you select the make and model of faucet that is right for your home, leaving you with an efficient, great-looking fixture that will last you for years to come.

Phoenix Faucet Replacement Pros
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Trust Our Phoenix Faucet Replacement Pros

At Rainforest Plumbing & Air, we make it easy to get a great deal on new faucets in Phoenix, AZ, offering specials deals and financing options to fit any budget. You know you can trust our licensed, insured, and background-checked team to get the job done right thanks to our reputation for amazing customer service. And with our “up-front guarantee,” you’ll always be told how much you are going to be paying ahead of time—that means no pesky last-minute fees or hidden surcharges, ever!

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Signs You Need Faucet Repair

Get a beautiful new faucet installed at your home by calling at (480) 359-3664 for Phoenix Metro Area or contacting us online.

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