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Air Handler Repair

Air Handler Repair in Phoenix, Az
What Is an Air Handler & How Does It Work?

Air Handler Repair in Phoenix, AZ

An air handler is a unit located in your home or building’s AC system that has a blower fan, heating and/or cooling parts, filters, and dampers. The unit controls how much air is sent out through the air conditioner or heater and also determines whether or not the air sent is warm or cool. The air handler connects to the ducts that distribute the conditioned air through the home or building and return it to the air handler through the return vent and air filter. Small air handlers for local use are called terminal units, and may only include an air filter, coil, and blower; these simple terminal units are called blower coils or fan coil units.

For air handler repair in Phoenix from technicians with over 20 years of experience, make sure to call Rainforest Plumbing & Air. Our fully licensed and insured team has the training, tools, and skill to repair your air handler and get your HVAC system working again ASAP. We pride ourselves on providing estimates that are timely, accurate, and fair, and with our up-front guarantee, you’ll never have to worry about last-minute tricks or hidden surcharges. Call today to request your estimate, and let our Phoenix air handler repair pros do what they do best.

To schedule an appointment with our Phoenix air handler repair experts, contact us at (480) 359-3664.

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What Are Some Signs of Trouble with an AC Air Handler Unit?

As Better Business Bureau-approved AC repair experts, Rainforest Plumbing & Air knows how to detect all potential issues with your air handler. Using the latest, industry-leading technology, we will work to not only identify the problem with your unit but also correct it—ideally all in one day. Arizona is too hot to go without a working AC unit, especially when the peak of summer rolls around. Let our Phoenix air handler repair team take care of your unit’s issues, and enjoy more reliable cooling relief this summer and beyond. Common signs of an air handler issue include:

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What Do I Do If There is a Problem with My Home’s Air Handler Unit?

Many people confuse the air handler with the condenser unit outside. But the outside unit’s fan only helps cool the coils that assist your system’s condenser. If you suspect any problems with your air handler unit, make sure to give us a call and schedule service from a Rainforest Plumbing & Air certified HVAC technician right away. Without a functioning air handler unit, your AC system will be obsolete. And the longer you wait to deal with air handler problems, the worse they are likely to get. Fortunately, our technicians will do everything in their power to ensure you don’t have to replace your entire AC system, offering affordable financing options and payment plans as well as specials to suit any budget.

To get a free estimate today, call (480) 359-3664. You can also request AC handler repair in Phoenix by filling out our contact form online.

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