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24/7 Emergency Service

24/7 Emergency Service

Experienced Heating Technicians

Experienced Heating Technicians

No Pressure  Recommendations

No Pressure Recommendations

Dependable, Efficient and Long-Lasting Furnace Repair

A furnace works a lot like your air conditioner, it uses a heat exchanger to circulate treated air around your home. And as a result, is one of the most important reasons your home stays safe and comfortable.

So if you're experiencing issues with your furnace, trust the experienced team at Rainforest Plumbing & Air.

Our team has over 20 years experience repairing most major makes and models in the Phoenix area, and with our full stocked service trucks, we're ready to tackle any furnace issue quickly and effectively.

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What to Expect with a Furnace Repair


Our experienced technicians will do a thorough overview of your furnace and quickly identify any issues and provide immediate solutions.

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All furnace repair recommendations are always thoroughly explained, and the price you're quoted is the price you pay, so there are no surprises.

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Our team ensures all furnace repairs are done efficiently. And we will troubleshoot your furnace to make sure any further issues are taken care of immediately.

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Every repair starts with an assessment.

When you book your furnace repair service, your personal, trained technician will come to your home to begin the evaluation process to diagnose the issue.

During your evaluation your technician will carefully examine your furnace, looking for external damage, connection issues, odors, dirty filters and possible clogs in the connecting duct work. This evaluation will quickly give you the best repair options.

At the end of your evaluation, they will then present your personalized, comprehensive quote best suited to your repair needs.

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Due to the urgency of furnace repair, we guarantee to have your personal, detailed, no-obligation quote delivered to you immediately following your evaluation.

All furnace repair recommendations are thoroughly explained and consider your home's efficiency, size and power needs, as well as the age and condition of your furnace.

Finally, with Rainforest's Up-Front Guarantee you can rest assured that the price you're quoted is the price you pay, and that you are fully briefed on the scope of work before any repair is started.

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We're proud to offer same-day, 24/7 emergency furnace repair, which means once your quote is approved, your technician can get right to work.

Your personal technician will disconnect, and repair the effected furnace components within 1-2 hours, depending on the severity of the issue. No matter the time frame, your technician will make sure to maintain a clean and orderly work space (wearing booties and laying down floor coverings) with minimal interruption to your day to day life.

Once the repair is complete, and your furnace has been reconnected, your technician will troubleshoot to ensure any all issues have been addressed, and then they will replace your filters to ensure the highest air quality possible.

If for any reason we can't fix your furnace, you'll get a whole new unit with our Amanda Lifetime Unit Exchange.

And with Rainforest's Put Back Policy you can rest assured, when we clean up, we leave your space better than we found it, guaranteed!

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Common Furnace Issues

Strange smells and/or noises

If you're experiencing a burning odor, or if you're hearing banging or rattling sounds coming from your furnace, it's time to schedule a repair service with Rainforest Plumbing & Air. Odors and smells can be attributed to overheating, which can be caused by a poorly maintained unit. Call our experienced team today.

Pilot light issues

Another common furnace issue is the pilot light not staying lit. The pilot light is what ignites the natural gas flowing into your furnace. If your pilot light goes out, the safety features of your furnace will not allow it to release gas into the burner, which means your furnace won't run or produce heat. When you call us for your furnace repair service, we will examine your pilot light and quickly replace it, so your furnace will be back up and running as soon as possible.

Little to no heat coming from furnace

Inconsistent heating, or no heat all is a common issue when it comes to your furnace. But when you call Rainforest Plumbing & Air you'll get a team that is familiar in most major makes and models, and can quickly identify the cause of the heating issue and get it addressed quickly.

Frequent cycling

If your furnace is constantly cycling on and off, it could be due to a dirty blower. If your blower is dirty, air can't circulate as effectively making each component work harder and heat up faster, causing the entire furnace to cycle.

Poor indoor air quality

Poor indoor air quality is a byproduct of furnace issues, and can suffer if your furnace filters haven't been replaced. Furnace filters are responsible for trapping dirt, dust and other allergens before they're circulated throughout your home. Give our experienced team a call today if you feel like your indoor air quality has diminished, and we'll take a look at not only the filters but all other furnace components to ensure you have the highest quality air possible for as long as possible.

Thermostat Issues

If your thermostat is malfunctioning, or if you have an older model, you can trust the team at Rainforest Plumbing & Air to get it fixed promptly. Your furnace needs a properly working thermostat to know when to turn on or off the furnace once your space get's to the desired temperature. Without this indicator, your furnace may run constantly or not at all, seriously impacting the health, safety and comfort of your home.

Poor efficiency

If your furnace is running longer or harder then it's supposed to, it can greatly increase your utility bills. Give Rainforest Plumbing & Air a call and we'll address any issues, and ensure that your unit is running as efficiently as possible.

Put Back Guarantee

Unlike other HVAC and Plumbing companies, when we are done, we have a skilled crews that can handle all of your restoration or “put-back” needs. We don’t just run in and out for a quick fix and leave you hanging with the aftermath.

Our crews are ready and waiting to put your property back just the way it was prior to the repair, complete with finishing and painting, excavation and concrete. Call us today to learn more.

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24/7 Emergency Furnace Repair

Even in the heat of Arizona, your furnace is still imperative to keeping your home comfortable, healthy and safe.

That’s why we’re proud to offer 24/7 emergency furnace repair to our customers.

Our technicians are trained to work with both old and new furnaces, ensuring your system is always functional when you need it most.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Furnace Repair

How much does furnace repair cost?

Furnace repair cost depends greatly on the complexity and severity of your heating issue. Give us a call today for your no obligation quote.

How long does furnace repair take?

The time it takes to repair your furnace can vary due to the complexity and severity of the issue. However, our team strives to be as efficient as possible, and we're proud to offer same day, 24/7 emergency service to get your furnace back up and running as quickly as possible.

When should I repair my furnace?

How do you know when to repair rather than replace your furnace? A good rule of thumb is if your furnace is under 20 years old, or you're experiencing an isolated incident. If you have an older model, or you're having to schedule repair after repair, call Rainforest Plumbing & Air to discuss installation options.

How can I maintain my furnace?

The best way to maintain your furnace and HVAC system is by signing up for our exclusive Cabana Club Membership. For a low monthly cost all your furnace maintenance will be prescheduled, and we'll catch potential issues before they become big problems.

Rainforest Quality Guarantee — Any work Rainforest does will run problem free for 1 year or we will fix it for free!

We are proud to offer our Up-Front Guarantee meaning we won't start any work until you are fully informed on the scope and price of the project. And you won't need to worry about any hidden fees. And with our Amanda Lifetime Unit Guarantee, if we can't fix your furnace issue, you'll get a whole new system! Contact us today to learn more.

Why Choose Rainforest Plumbing & Air

We know that finding a reliable company that provides plumbing, HVAC, and other home services can feel impossible. So here are only a few reasons why you can trust the team at Rainforest Plumbing & Air to make the impossible, possible!

Timely, Accurate, Fair and Easy to Work With

Timely, Accurate, Fair and Easy to Work With

Our trained technicians are dedicated to providing 5-star service built upon our 6 customer service pillars. We won’t rest until the job is done as thoroughly and efficiently as possible.

Locally Owned & Operated

Locally Owned & Operated

We’re a family owned business based right here in Phoenix! Rainforest Plumbing & Air serves all of Maricopa County and parts of Pinal County.

Over 25 Years Experience

Over 25 Years Experience

Whether it’s repair, install or regular maintenance, Rainforest Plumbing & Air has been your go-to plumbing and HVAC service provider for over 25 years.

Residential & Commercial Service

Residential & Commercial Service

Whether it’s your home or business, our team is committed to serving your family, employees and customers with our full range of HVAC, air quality and plumbing services.

Join the Cabana Club!

Sit back and relax, we’ve got you covered!  With our exclusive membership program we offer priority service and peace of mind with annual inspections and tune-ups that improve the efficiency and longevity of your HVAC or plumbing system.

Benefits of Membership Include:

  • Guaranteed lowest price on parts and service.
  • Two hour priority service.
  • Zero after hours or holidays fees.
  • Annual water savings and air efficiency reports.
  • Extend equipment life.
  • Protect against unexpected failures and repairs.
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Benefits of Membership Include:

Our team comes equipped to handle any and all service calls with our fleet of fully stocked service trucks.

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Eric is awesome! He knows the layout of our condos and the HVAC system. He goes over and above, and asks questions to make sure he uncovers any issues. He’s upbeat and friendly. Huge asset to your company.


Bryan came to perform autumn maintenance on the heating/cooling system. I am so grateful he found a gas leak and was able to schedule a repair. I am pleased to recommend this company: on time, reasonable prices, and good communication.

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