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Can a Loose Toilet Cause a Leak?

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Posted by Spencer | June 30, 2023 | Reading Time:

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Toilets become loose for several reasons. Unscrewed bolts, inadequate sealing, incorrect installation, damage, and more can loosen the toilet, making it more prone to potential issues. If your toilet isn't sealed and secure, it can create a range of problems. 

So, can a loose toilet cause a leak? To answer this question and more, Rainforest Plumbing & Air created a short guide to teach you more about loose toilets and the types of plumbing problems they can cause. 

Loose Toilets: Why They’re a Problem

Although most toilets won’t leak immediately after becoming loose, leaking is inevitable. The excessive wobbling can cause cracks along toilet bowls and bases, or even misalign the valves or pipes. These issues dramatically increase the likelihood of leaks, so it’s important to secure your toilet before they take hold.

So, can a loose toilet cause a leak? Yes. Loose toilets are much more susceptible to leaking and can cause several other issues you rather avoid.

What Causes Toilets to Wobble and Become Loose?

Before you can secure your toilet, you must determine what’s causing it to wobble. While this might sound simple, it’s often difficult since it can stem from various issues. Below are some common problems that can loosen a toilet.

Loose Closet Bolts

The first thing to check is the toilet’s closet bolts. Closet bolts, also called flange bolts or anchor bolts, are the two long screws along the base of the toilet that attach it to the floor and keep it in place. These bolts often come loose over time due to constant use. 

Examine your toilet’s closet bolts and test them to see if they need tightening. If they feel loose, use a wrench to screw them back into the floor and see if doing so secures the toilet. 

It might be a good idea to replace the closet bolts if they look old or worn. Worn bolts might not keep the toilet in place for long, so consider replacing them to prevent it from coming loose later on. You can purchase new bolts at the hardware store or ask a plumbing company for assistance. 

A Poorly Set Wax Ring

Wax rings rest between a toilet and the anchor flange. It creates a robust wax seal to prevent foul-smelling odors from seeping into your bathroom while preventing leaks along the toilet’s base. However, if a toilet’s wax ring isn’t set correctly or becomes worn, it can cause severe, unsanitary leaks.

If you believe your toilet’s wax seal is overly worn or isn’t set properly, contact a plumber to reset or replace it. Although you can replace the wax ring yourself, it's a bit complicated and requires immense precision. It’s best to leave wax ring replacement and setting to the professionals to ensure optimal results.

New Flooring

Many Phoenix homeowners upgrade their bathrooms with new flooring to make them more appealing. However, installing new flooring (especially tile) can misalign the toilet and cause it to wobble and leak. You may need to completely detach the toilet and install it like you would a new one to ensure that it sits correctly within the new flooring. 

Many commodes require a second wax ring to maintain stability after new floor installation. In these cases, it's best to contact a professional plumber to assess your wobbly toilet and determine if the new floor caused it to misalign. They will secure the toilet and install another wax ring if necessary.

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