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Can a Slab Leak Cause Foundation Problems?

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Posted by Spencer | June 5, 2023 | Reading Time:

Most modern homes rely on sturdy concrete slab foundations to act as moisture barriers above the soil. However, aging pipes and natural disasters can cause water to leak into the slab over time. 

You may wonder, “Can a slab leak cause foundation problems?”

Our slab leak repair experts in Phoenix understand the importance of fixing your leaks before they damage your home or business. Below, these technicians will discuss the causes of slab leaks and why they can be harmful to your foundation. Once you finish reading, contact us at 480-360-5278 for superior Rainforest Plumbing & Air repairs.

What Causes Slab Leaks to Form?

Concrete slab leaks can occur from a wide range of structural plumbing problems. The most common issues involve pipe bursts. 

Copper and cast iron pipes can corrode and deteriorate over time, causing water to seep into your foundation. Increased water pressure due to clogs, frozen pipes, or other issues can also cause your pipes to explode without much warning. 

Other problems include earthquakes and bioturbation, which might shift the soil around your pipes and snap joints.

Unreliable plumbing installations can cause these problems to develop quickly on your property.

Will a Slab Leak Damage Your Foundation?


In fact, slab leaks are one of the leading causes of foundation problems in the United States. A significant leak can erode the soil around your property and contribute to sinking. This structural imbalance can place stress on your walls, flooring, and windows, forming cracks.

Foundation issues can be expensive to repair, and — in extreme cases — may become a serious safety hazard.

Why Are Slab Leaks So Devastating?

Slab leaks and water damage can introduce a range of other problems for your property. For example, plumbing damage can skyrocket your monthly utility bills by hundreds of dollars. It can also encourage pests, like rats or roaches, to nest in your walls and floorboards.

Water leaks form damp environments where algae and mold spores can grow quickly. Mold restoration services can be expensive and may require hours of inspections and repairs. 

How Do You Identify a Slab Leak

Can a slab leak cause foundation problems if you locate it early? Learning the signs of slab leaks will help you identify and repair problems before they spiral out of control. 

You may have a plumbing leak if you notice sudden changes in your water pressure or hear the sound of running water coming from your utilities. Warm or wet spots on your floor may also indicate moisture rising from your slab foundation.

Try placing a leveling tool on your floor to determine if certain areas are higher than others. This problem may be due to shifting soil or pressure building between your slab and flooring.

You may not have the tools or experience to identify a potential slab leak without help. Fortunately, you can hire home service technicians, like ours at Rainforest Plumbing & Air, for a comprehensive inspection. These professionals will use state-of-the-art equipment, like plumbing cameras, to check for leaks under your foundation.

How to Prevent a Slab Leak

Slab leaks can be difficult to prevent if you live in a home with old plumbing fixtures. The most practical solution would be to replace your old pipes with durable steel or PVC. You can also hire a plumber to install anti-scalers and water softeners to enjoy the longest life out of your new water pipes.

Invest in a plumbing inspection twice a year to remove obstructions in your waterline and patch leaks. This method will prevent surprise damage that may lead to more expensive restoration efforts down the line. Your technician can offer personalized preventive care advice to help you monitor and maintain your property year-round.

More extensive prevention options include installing resistance push piers under your foundation to prevent shifting soil from forming cracks in your concrete slab. Alternatively, helical piers can provide hydraulic protection against swelling clay and erosion.

Repair Your Slab Leak With the Experts

Get the protection your home needs by partnering with professional home repair technicians. At Rainforest Plumbing & Air, we pride ourselves on helping thousands of homeowners like you avoid slab leaks every year. Our experienced contractors will provide outstanding customer service and communication during every interaction.

You can expect us to identify the signs of slab leaks quickly, and offer effective restoration solutions. We also offer practical financing options for our modern plumbing services, so you can budget your repairs without stress.Can a slab leak cause foundation problems? Contact Rainforest Plumbing & Air in Rosemont Mesa, AZ, for more information. Call 480-360-5278 for a consultation.

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