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HVAC Heating Repair

In Arizona we all have a tendency to neglect our furnace or heating systems but, sometimes it gets downright cold in the winter around Phoenix! Whether you have a heat pump or heat strip heating system in your home or office, Rainforest technicians can help keep you and your family warm on those chilly desert nights. We can service your gas or electric heating system with the Valley’s fastest HVAC service response times.

To make sure your HVAC unit is ready for winter, check out our step-by-step guide on how to prepare your heating system when the temperatures drop outside..

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You should also make sure to have seasonal inspections performed on both heating and cooling systems. These annual inspections are well worth the money as they may reveal a potential problem or failure before the peak season gets into full swing. Many times, these inspections reveal lurking problems that left unattended can turn into costly equipment failure and replacement expenses. We find it interesting that most people will religiously have the oil and fluids inspected, serviced and changed in their cars but when it comes to expensive air conditioning and heating units in Arizona, they will neglect them for years, significantly shortening their HVAC equipment’s lifespan. DON’T wait until it is too late! Have your AC and heater inspections performed regularly.