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How To Keep an Air Conditioner Drain From Clogging


Posted by Spencer | November 10, 2023 | Reading Time:

Your AC unit needs extra assistance during the sweltering Arizona summers. If you keep your thermostat settings low, you might notice that your HVAC system struggles to maintain your preferences. One problem technicians frequently encounter is clogged air conditioner drains. Do you know how to keep an air conditioner drain from clogging? Since Rainforest Plumbing & Air offers emergency air conditioning repair in Phoenix, Arizona, our team certainly does. We provided our insights below to help you comfortably navigate summer.

Why Do Air Conditioner Drains Clog?

As your air conditioner produces cold air and circulates it throughout your warm home, condensation forms. The condensation needs an outlet to escape. Otherwise, it stays trapped within the internal HVAC networks, making your home humid and conducive to mold growth. The system’s drain pipe, also called the condensate drain, provides an escape outlet for the condensation. As it collects condensation, it guides outside of your home. Then, the condensation drips on the ground. Water isn’t the only substance moving through your unit drain. The drain line also provides an access point for debris like dust, pollen, dirt, and mold. These particles collect inside and stick to the drain over time. Drain lines get clogged when the blockage becomes large enough to prevent adequate water flow. Eventually, the blockages cause performance problems and force your HVAC system to work harder to achieve your comfort settings. Therefore, keeping your drain line clean can immensely benefit your system’s performance and lifespan.

How HVAC Technicians Resolve Drain Clogs

Skilled technicians will quickly and effectively eliminate drain clogs during a maintenance service. They start by cutting the unit’s power via the electrical breaker to protect themselves and your home from electric shock. Then, they find the drain system’s location and remove its parts, including the AC drain pan and main access point. Next, they’ll use the following techniques to clean the drain line thoroughly:
  • Water flush: Your average clog loosens from consistent water pressure. The technician will rinse the line out with a hose.
  • Cleaning solutions: Sometimes, long-standing clogs present a challenge. The technician will soak the drain components in a cleaning solution for up to 20 minutes to loosen the blockage.
  • Suction equipment: The technician may also use a vacuum-like tool to pull any remaining debris out of the drain line.
Finally, they’ll replace the components, return the power supply, and test your drain for appropriate operation.

How To Keep an Air Conditioner Drain From Clogging

After purchasing the above service, you probably want to know how to keep an air conditioner drain from clogging again. You can easily avoid future clogs by implementing the following tasks into your home maintenance routine.

Replace Your Filters as Recommended

While you may easily forget about your air filter, you should schedule changes at least once every three months. If you own pets, smoke, or live in a heavily populated area, you may need more frequent changes to meet your home’s demands. Filters collect pollutants and other debris, removing them from the air. The excess dust may escape the filter and move into the condensate drain. A dirty, overused filter can cause drainage problems and other HVAC issues.

Ask Professionals To Check the Line Angle

Awkward installation can lead to steep angles that prevent water and other substances from exiting the pipe. A steep or sharp angle prevents adequate water flow. Dust, mold, and other particles become trapped in the angles.

Flush the Drain Lines

When you schedule a maintenance service, ensure the service includes line flushing. The technician will flush the drain with warm water to remove excess debris.

Install a Condensation Trap

Condensation traps prevent air pockets in drain lines. Sometimes, air bubbles form and block the line. When that happens, the liquid has no escape route. Schedule a visit from a technician to fit and install a new trap to prevent these bubbles from forming.

Consistent HVAC Maintenance

Have you fallen short on your HVAC maintenance schedule? Most professionals and manufacturers recommend complete maintenance services twice yearly. These services keep the components in working order and troubleshoot for developing issues.

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