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Shower Tub Faucet Repair

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Shower Tub Faucet Repair

the history of showers

The first showers ever used by mankind were neither man-made, nor indoor structure. They were common natural formations: waterfalls. Ancient civilizations began to reproduce this function by at first carrying fresh and waste water to and from indoor rooms to pour over the bather, and as time passed, innovations like the aqueduct and the drain pipe allowed water to be pumped into common rooms to be used by upper-class and common citizens alike. Today’s shower is an individual reproduction of the original Greek-style shower, and uses many of the same concepts and terms of physics to deliver water to your home’s showers and tubs.

how showers work

Your modern home’s shower utilizes a complex system of plumbing and pressure differences to deliver hot water on command to your various shower heads throughout the house. When a section of the system becomes susceptible to malfunction, it can throw off the rest of the system and introduce complications to your shower.

For fast and reliable shower repair and installation in the East Valley and surround areas, look no further than Rainforest Plumbing & Air! Our trained technicians are able to install and repair shower heads and controls and the in-wall piping, so that you can quickly resume your normal daily hygiene routine.

If you find that your shower is draining slow, follow these steps to remedy the issue. If it still isn’t resolved, call Rainforest to have an experienced technician take a look.

There is a wide range of shower fixtures on the market today. Rainforest technicians can help you decide which are the most efficient to use with your bathroom. Looking to remodel your bathroom? We can help with that too. Our team has done superior work on bathroom remodels all over Arizona.