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Sewer Drain Cleaning Service

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Sewer Drain Cleaning Service

Having a sewer line free of clogs and leaks is important to you as a homeowner, not only as a matter of convenience, but also as a matter of health and safety. Most parts of the Valley could be described as being urban and/or suburban areas. This means that homes and businesses are closely packed together. In these areas, it becomes feasible to construct a sewer system to handle a large amount of wastewater that is produced by the community.

what is the purpose of a sewer system?

The purpose of the sewer system is three-fold: collection, transportation, and treatment. In an ideal situation, gravity is the only necessary force in collection and transportation of wastewater. The sewer lines that lead from the home to the sewer main below the street are angled downward. The sewer main is set up in the same way and extends into increasingly larger pipes until it ends up at the treatment plant, which is generally located in a low-lying area.

where does the sewage in the valley end up?

Once the wastewater reaches the treatment plant, it undergoes a series of stages of treatment. First, it is allowed to settle so that the heavy and light solids can separate – the same idea behind septic tanks. Next, it is treated to remove organic materials through the use of bacteria, much like Bio-Clean®. Finally, it is treated with chemicals to remove any remaining contaminants and bacteria and is discharged.

what are typical causes of a problem with my home sewer system?

Home sewage problems generally happen in the form of a backup in the home’s sewer line, which runs to the main below the street. Excessive amounts of paper and organic waste cause these backups. Rainforest Plumbing & Air technicians are trained to locate and clear sewer line backups.