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Plumbing Pipe Repair

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Plumbing Pipe Repair

From the sinks to the toilets to the bathtubs in your home, a complex system of water pipes runs unseen delivering hot and cold water throughout your entire residence. The water pipes are commonly made up of polyvinyl chloride (PVC Pipes), ductile iron, polyethylene, and copper. With this variety of materials, treated, pressurized water is delivered from the municipal water system to all the appliances in your home.

what kind of dangers are my pipes subject to?

For the most part, broken pipes can be attributed to pressure and freezing. At times of high pressure, you may experience noisy pipes or jolting and moving pipes. Plumbers often refer to a pipe’s noisy jolt as a “water hammer”. In the winter, underground pipes are in danger of freezing. During a freeze-thaw cycle, copper pipes contract in the bitter-cold night, and expand again with the morning sun and warmth. This causes strain on the pipe, occasionally resulting in broken and cracked pipes.

how can i protect my water pipes?

Avoiding water hammer and freeze-thaw cycles are the best way to save you from a water pipe disaster! Foam insulation is available for all outdoor piping to protect from the contracting and expanding that results in the cold winter months. Rainforest Plumbing technicians can perform a check on your water pipes and has a variety of preventative maintenance packages to choose from.