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In Floor Wall Leak

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In Floor Wall Leak

why is there a leak in my wall?

A leak in the wall, floor, or underground can be a nuisance for most homeowners, and we’re sure you need it fixed or replaced quickly. Most of the pipes found within the walls of your home are made of copper (Click here if your pipes are made of polybutylene). Copper pipes are, for the most part, very strong and durable. They can readily carry both hot and cold water without any breakage or strain occurring. But sometimes, these sturdy pipes break and cause a leak in the wall. Why?

The number one cause for pipe leakage at the joints is poor workmanship or improper soldering. It is critical to ensure that even a simple soldering job is done right. In recent years, the plumbing industry has discovered the benefits of crimp fittings, which are great for places like Arizona that have typically warmer temperatures and where pipe expansion and contraction is usually not a serious problem.

where are leaks likely to occur?

Unless the copper pipes in your walls have been exposed to severe corrosion, then a leak will most likely occur at the points where the couplings have been attached either by soldering or crimping. Simply put, these are the weak spots in the pipe where the pipe had to change directions or be extended.

If you think you have a leak under your home or office, follow these steps to detect a slab leak.

Rainforest Plumbing & Air technicians locate leaks, replace pipes, and repair in-wall leaks every day in places across the Valley and our workmanship is unsurpassed.