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we feel sorry for drains

Nobody ever thinks about them or appreciates them when things are working right and flowing smoothly 🙂

But a clogged drain gets all the attention in the world. All drains eventually lead to the same place, so one drain problem can soon cause another if left unattended. That’s right… whether it is a sewer drain, sink drain, bathtub or shower drain that is slow or clogged make sure to get it fixed right away! A clogged drain can cause flooding from a sink, washing machine or bathtub and then you have the water removal and clean-up to worry about. Many homes have flooded and ruined their carpeting by neglecting a simple drain clog that could have been easily cleaned out by calling a local East Valley plumber.

Fixing Drain Problems

Some drain problems are as simple as a hairball in the sink while others could be as serious as tree roots growing into your main drain and creating root damage to the underground pipes. The biggest mistake people make is waiting until it is too late. When your drains are acting up and draining slowly make sure to have it cleaned out right away. A backed-up drain or sink can cause lots of damage to your home if the sink or tub overflows.

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