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If an air conditioner stops working efficiently, it may be because the refrigerant needs to be replaced. Rainforest Plumbing & Air technicians are trained to replace refrigerant and service your air conditioning unit.

what is a refrigerant?

A refrigerant is any substance that is used in the process of artificial cooling in what is known as the heat cycle. In most cases, refrigerant is used as a main cooling component in refrigerators and air conditioning units.

why is refrigerant leak detection so important?

Refrigerant leak detection in heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems is extremely difficult task for even for an experienced service technician. The leak could be well hidden from view in tubing, a system component, or in an operating or safety control switch. Refrigerant leak detection takes on great urgency, because if a leak is left unfixed, gases that are harmful to the environment are emitted.. Government rules no longer give service technicians the option of adding refrigerant when the system is low due to a leak. Now the leak be located and fixed within a specified period of time. Only then can your AC system be re-charged with refrigerant.

how does rainforest find refrigerant leaks?

There are many types of testing equipment that can be used in refrigerant leak detection. Some of it is automated, while other methods exist to perform on-site testing. To find the leak, our service technicians will determine the best method to use. We can detect a AC refrigerant leak using a soap solution, a halide torch, dye interception, isolation of a component from the system, or pressurizing the system with dry nitrogen gas.

Once the leak is controlled and the refrigerant is managed, Rainforest will complete all necessary repairs, recharge your system with refrigerant, and get your AC system running smoothly, delivering comfortable air throughout your space.