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Evap Coolers

Swamp coolers in Arizona are a great way to beat the heat and save money on utility bills at the same time. Rainforest Plumbing & Air can help you start reducing those utility bills now by installing a Rainforest-approved, quality PMI evaporative cooler today!

why is an evaporative or “swamp” cooler the perfect solution for cooling arizona homes?

The answer is simple. While Arizona is certainly hot, it is also a very dry climate. Our low humidity allows us to take full advantage of everything that an evaporative cooler has to offer for pennies on the dollar over a traditional, refrigerant-based air conditioning unit.

what’s the difference between an evaporative cooler and an air conditioning unit?

A traditional air conditioning unit uses a compressed refrigerant to cool the air, these complex compressors and coils simply require more energy to operate. Evaporative cooling, on the other hand, is simple in that it cools air by the natural evaporation of water. A swamp cooler unit contains two or more cooling pads that are made up of wood wool, wood fibers, or synthetic material. These pads are soaked with water and air is allowed to flow through them. As the air passes through the soaked pads, the vapor from the evaporation cools the air and a fan pushes the cooler air through a duct and into the house.

There are different kinds of evaporative cooling options outside of the traditional residential unit such as wet cooling towers, misting fans, and outdoor misting systems.

how can installing an evaporative cooler really save money?

Evaporative coolers are less expensive to install and much easier to repair than air conditioning units. The hot dry climate in Arizona does one thing really well… and that is to evaporate water quickly. This allows swamp coolers in Arizona to not only save energy expenses, but cool the air more effectively than in other more humid regions of the country.

do swamp coolers help with allergies?

In many cases, swamp coolers can improve the breathability of the air in a home by increasing the humidity of the air indoors. The damp cooling pads provide improved air filtration even act as natural air-purifiers.

Our technicians have many years of experience in repairing and installing evaporative swamp coolers in the Phoenix Arizona area.