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Rainforest Plumbing & Air technicians are the East Valley experts on air conditioning and refrigeration systems. When it’s 110° outside and the AC decides to shut down, an expert is exactly what you’ll be needing to get you up and running again.

Affordable air conditioning is on the top of everyone’s list in The Valley’s hot desert environment. Unfortunately, AC is not an option…it’s way too hot to go without air here in AZ! Cooling homes and businesses can be expensive too, we all want to reduce our summer utility bills.

If your AC unit stops working, Rainforest Plumbing & Air knows the pain of going even one summer day without air conditioning. That’s why we strive to provide super-fast AC service response times VALLEY WIDE.

how does air conditioning work?

Air conditioning works in a similar way to refrigeration. The air conditioner uses an AC compressor and coils that are filled with AC refrigerant that is forced through coils in the AC unit. Air is forced to pass over the coils, cooling it down for us to enjoy.

what is the most efficient air conditioning system for arizona?

There are different types of air conditioning, with the most common being your ordinary central air conditioning. Others may include evaporative or swamp cooling, attic AC units, and rooftop AC units. Each of these units has different advantages in quality, efficiency, and price. We would be happy to discuss which system may best fit your situation…just give us a call to schedule an appointment.

what are the best air conditioning brands?

Getting the best quality for your money is something we understand. We specialize in Carrier AC units as an approved dealer in Arizona.

Not sure if you need a new commercial AC unit? Look for these signs that your commercial AC needs replaced then give us a call to schedule an appointment.

what is the best alternative to air conditioning?

The most popular alternative to air conditioning is called evaporative or “swamp” cooling. Due to the extremely dry climate, having a swamp cooler in Arizona can help you save money on summer utility bills and cool off at the same time. Most homes in Arizona also take advantage of ceiling fans, window shades, and extra insulation.

There’s nothing worse that a broken AC unit during the summer. Rainforest Plumbing & Air offers the only “Up-Front Guarantee” in the business. We will communicate any and all needed service along with equipment and labor prices UP-FRONT… it’s our promise! AMA approved AC provider/vendor.