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AC Capacitor Replacement

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AC Capacitor Replacement

Like most electrical devices, air conditioning or AC units also use capacitors to control the power supplied to the various motors. A capacitor is much like a battery that helps regulate the power sent to the motors and boost the power when starting the unit.

If your AC unit stops working, it may be because the capacitor is damaged. Damage is caused by normal wear-and-tear and also by nearby lightning strikes, which occur frequently during the Arizona monsoon season. Replacing a capacitor is a relatively simple AC repair and we can get your Arizona Air Conditioning back up and running in no time if this is the problem.

how much should it cost to repair or replace a capacitor in an ac unit?

While the price varies from unit to unit, you can be assured that your Rainforest technician will give you an accurate estimate for the capacitor and labor “before” he starts any work… there will be no surprises… it’s our guarantee!

Rainforest Plumbing & Air technicians are trained to properly diagnose AC unit problems and replace bad capacitors if you need one. Give us a call today to schedule an HVAC repair service!