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Compressor For Home AC Unit

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Compressor For Home AC Unit

A compressor is the driving component in an air conditioning or refrigeration unit. An air conditioner uses a fluid called refrigerant to cool the air because it flows freely, it heats and cools rapidly, and it can change from a liquid to a gas quickly. When refrigerant is compressed and released, it gets very cold and cools the coils in your AC unit. When the fan forces the air through these cold cools…that’s what cools the air down for distribution throughout the home or building.

how do AC compressors work?

The compressor is what creates the pressure. As the refrigerant is fed into the compressor, it is forced to the sides of the tank by rapidly spinning fan blades. When this happens, the refrigerant becomes pressurized and is shot out the other end of the compressor and into the coils where the cooling, heating, and state changes occur over and over again in a cycle.

Unfortunately, compressors don’t last forever. If the air conditioner in your Arizona home has stopped functioning properly, you may need a new compressor.

get your AC compressor replaced or installed

Rainforest Plumbing & Air technicians are trained to replace and install air conditioner compressors in your home or business usually in the same day. Rainforest is the only AC service provider in the Phoenix offering you the protection of a 100% “Up-Front” Guarantee!