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Heat Pump Installation in Guadalupe, AZ

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Heat Pump Installation in Guadalupe, AZ

Heat pump units are a great way to heat your home or business. They expend a small amount of energy to produce heat and usually utilize the same pump or compressor that the air conditioning unit uses. All heat pumps operate on a principle called heat transfer, which means that they pull heat out of the air or ground and use it to heat the air that flows into your home.

Rainforest Plumbing & Air offers high-quality replacement and new heat pump installation in Guadalupe, Mesa, and the East Valley. We will be able to service your residential or commercial property’s heat pump unit at a reasonable price, and if you do need to install a new one, we promise to provide you with a cutting-edge model designed to last for years to come. Call now to schedule a free estimate, and let our HVAC pros at Rainforest take care of all your comfort needs.

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What Type of Heat Pump Is Right for Me?

Heat pumps are a good two-in-one HVAC option, as they can provide both heating and cooling relief. They tend to be particularly popular in climates like Guadalupe, AZ, where may homeowners do not need the heavy-duty heating power that comes with a central air system like a furnace or boiler. They also tend to be safe, energy-efficient, have long lifespans, require minimal maintenance, and release low carbon emissions.

There are three main kinds of heat pumps to consider when choosing this type of system:

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Resolving Issues via Quality Installation & Replacement

Breakdowns within heat pumps can occur due to a number of different parts, including the burner, generator, or absorber. Fortunately, Rainforest Plumbing & Air technicians are trained to work with all kinds of systems, providing heat pump repair ASAP. If you are looking to upgrade to a heat pump, we will also help you determine whether an air-source, absorption, or ground-source unit is right for your home.

Give us a call today for heat pump replacement in Guadalupe, Mesa, or the East Valley, and don’t forget to ask us about available specials and financing options. Our work also comes with our “up-front guarantee,” meaning you always know what you are paying for—no hidden fees, no last-minute surcharges, no tricks of any kind. We have a reputation across the area for efficient, friendly, and affordable service, so you never have to worry whether you are making the right call when you hire Rainforest Plumbing & Air.

Heat Pump Installation in Phoenix, Az
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Signs You Need Heat Pump Replacement

Heat pumps can usually last anywhere from 10-20 years. If yours is much older and working great then fantastic. However, if your heat pump is giving you fits then it might be time to consider a new heat pump installation

One of the reasons you likely acquired a heat pump was to save on your utility bills. So if you notice that your electrical bill is steadily climbing it might be time to consult our Phoenix heat pump replacement experts.

Every now and a repair isn’t the end of the world. But if your heat pump needs one repair after another to the point you’re rolling your eyes then it might be time for a new unit.

Like constant repairs, one very expensive repair might mean it’s time to consult our Phoenix heat pump installation gurus about the price of a new unit. Compare the age of the fix with the age of the unit, if it’s relatively young then maybe pay for the repair but if it’s an older unit make the switch.

First double-check that it’s not an electrical issue by checking the circuit breaker and testing another electrical appliance on the outlet. If those don’t isolate your problem then a new unit could be in order.

Call or contact us online to request best-in-class system replacement or new heat pump installation in GolGuadalupe, Mesa, or the East Valley today! Guadalupe Metro Area: (480) 359-3664

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