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Boiler Contractor in El Mirage, AZ

A boiler is an appliance used to heat water for hydronic heating systems—i.e. a system that uses water as the primary heat transfer method. These systems take the hot water from your boiler to spread heat throughout your space by piping it into different rooms and dispersing it through various types of radiators. Once the radiator is heated with the hot water, the water is returned to the boiler to be re-heated and then the circulation process can continue.

Though rare in Arizona, boilers need general maintenance and periodic repairs in order to keep them functioning well. But with proper care, these units can last for many years, and remain an energy-efficient part of your larger heating system. That’s why Rainforest Plumbing & Air is proud to provide top-notch El Mirage boiler services. Our heating and cooling experts are backed by over 20 years of experience, so you can always count on us to get the job done. We are a fully licensed and insured HVAC provider, and we always go out of our way to ensure that our team is completely crime-free, so you never have to worry about your household’s safety. And with our “up-front” guarantee, you can always count on our prices to be fair and accurate—no last-minute surcharges, no hidden fees, no tricks of any kind. Call now to request an appointment, and make sure your boiler runs smoothly for years to come.

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We Are One of the Few Boiler Service Contractors in Arizona

Boilers tend to be low maintenance heating units, so you should not need to call for system repairs very often. However, when boiler problems do occur, they can have disastrous results—both for your heating system and your larger home. If you see any of the following symptoms with your home’s boiler, call Rainforest Plumbing & Air. We can diagnose your boiler problem and repair it before it gets worse.

Common signs you may need a boiler repair in El Mirage, AZ include:

Your boiler’s pressure relief valve could be leaking for a number of reasons, such as your water pressure being too high or the valve being installed incorrectly. Luckily, dealing with a leaky relief valve is usually an easy fix, and just requires a simple replacement.

If your boiler is not receiving enough air in its expansion vessel, it may start to raise the pressure in your system. This can occur because of aging or other internal malfunctions, though in most cases, the system’s pressure relief valve should activate, stopping the water pressure from raising anymore. If, however, the pressure relief valve is broke as well, this can create a dangerous situation.

Your boiler should not be hot to the touch, and if it is, there may be a problem with its safety features. This can occur because of a failed pump, a blockage in the system, or other reasons. No matter what the cause is though, you should call a technician when this happens, since in a worst-case scenario, your unit could actually start to melt, releasing toxic gasses into your property.

Boilers can leak water because of corroded pipes, loose joints, and excess water pressure. These problems often occur if you had an inexperienced technician install your boiler, so make sure to call an experienced technician from Rainforest Plumbing & Air if this is happening to you, as boiler leaks are a serious problem.

If your radiators aren’t heating, it’s probably because there is trapped air inside them. This problem is usually easy to correct, and just requires flushing dirt and debris out of your system, though if it persists you may be dealing with a bigger problem.

When water becomes trapped in your boiler for any reason, it can increase pressure in the system, resulting in that banging sound coming from your pipes. This could happen because of a broken pipe or a heat exchanger that’s accumulated excessive lime deposits or for other reasons. Regardless, you should always turn off your system and call a technician if these noises persist, since as we’ve established, too much pressure is not good for your boiler.

Catching problems early can keep the cost of repairing your boiler down and save you the trouble of having to purchase a replacement for your property. Give us a call today to schedule boiler service in El Mirage, AZ, and remember, the sooner you catch a problem, the better chance we have of fixing it!

advantages of boilers

What Are the Advantages of Boilers in El Mirage, AZ?

Boilers are often not as common in warmer climates like Arizona. In cities like El Mirage, many homeowners get their heat with a heat pump rather than a central air system, because it is warm enough here throughout much of the year that some people simply don’t want a lot of heating power. However, installing a boiler in El Mirage and across the East Valley comes with benefits. Boiler systems are extremely reliable, and do have certain advantages over forced air systems (like furnaces.) Many homeowners like boilers because:

They are extremely energy-efficient

They warm up your air quickly

They retain heat for a long time

They are better for the environment than most heating systems

They can reduce mold and improve your indoor air quality

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