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Drain Repair Services

Clogged drains and pipes cause havoc on your life and your property. The professionals at Rainforest Plumbing and Air offer preventative maintenance and drain cleaning services to help you save time and money.


Signs You Need Professional Drain Cleaning at Your Phoenix Home

If your sewer drain, sink drain, bathtub, or shower drain are draining slowly, there is most likely a blockage causing the clog. When these things are not attended to right away it can lead to flooding and severe property damage. 


Drain Cleaning Services

You never want to wait too long to fix a clogged drain whether it be caused by a simple hairball or by a destructive tree root causing the destruction. All slow drains need attention!

 Things to consider when evaluating a possible clogged drain:

  • Where is the location of the stoppage?
  • Is there sewer water coming up the drain?
  • Are all of your drains slow or just a particular drain?
  • Do you have large trees in your yard that can easily cause obstruction?
  • What is the type of property? (Residential or commercial)

Our technicians can come out to your property and diagnose the issue so we can properly clean out your drains. 


A clogged kitchen drain can be easily cleaned out with the help of bio clean products to rid of debris. 


A clogged toilet from perhaps a toy can also be easily cleared out with an auger. 


Other clogged drains such as tree root intrusions or tougher clogs such as restaurants with lots of grease buildup, will require a tougher job such as hydro jetting and a rooter service. 


We offer professional rooter service to deal with invasive tree roots. We also offer Hydro-jetting. 


Hydro Jetting

This process uses pressurized water to work on tough clogs.  


We use a trailer-mounted jetter that scours the inside of your pipes to remove build-up of any kind. This is a drain cleaning method that makes the inside of the pipe flow like it did when it was brand new! 


This application can be used on any pipe including drain pipes with roots. The water from the jetter sprays from a specialized hose and nozzle so hard that it cuts through root intrusion like a weed eater. 


If you have roots in your main line drain in the front yard, use our hydro-jetter drain service to solve the problem. 


Camera Drain Inspection

Rainforest Plumbing and Air is also proud to offer our camera drain inspection. 


This is where we use a specialized camera attached to a custom pipe snake to find the cause of leaks, blocks, and clogs. Diagnostic with the help of this right tool will help you save time and money. Valuable as then there is no need to inspect.


The closed-circuit TV camera that Rainforest Plumbing & Air uses is both a diagnostic and a preventative maintenance tool that identifies a plumbing pipe or drain problems. A small camera can be pushed into a pipe, varying in size from 2 inches to 10 inches, so we can perform an actual “visual inspection” of your pipes and drains via the latest camera monitoring system.


With the camera, our technicians can instantly view any issues to identify the problem and repair it, all in real-time. 

5 star reviews

Our tech, Bryan, could not have been any better. It was like having a family member come fix our AC. Fast, friendly, effective service. Could not ask for more. All of the Rainforest people we have had over the years have been excellent. Highly recommend!”

– Nanette Kryske

I have been very impressed with the responsive and professional way that Rainforest has handled my phone calls and provided excellent customer service. I recommend them whole heartedly! Thank you!”

– Kelly Reagin

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