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What Does the Crime-Free Advantage Mean to Me?

Posted by Ryan Forest

At Rainforest Plumbing & Air, we know that “Arizona’s best plumber” isn’t a marketing slogan, it’s a reputation that you have to build day after day and for years on end. Since we are committed to that goal, we employ strict hiring practices, including a “crime-free advantage” for any contractor or service professional that enters your home.

By working in conjunction with CrimShield, an industry pioneer when it comes to criminal history and employment verification, we use private investigators to look into the backgrounds of every man or woman who joins our plumbing company. Specifically, we ensure that they don’t have a current criminal record for drugs or theft, and have never committed crimes against children — EVER!

Although our hiring criteria has much more stringent requirements than most businesses in our industry, we think it shows that we have good common sense. Plus, it offers two important benefits to our clients and customers:

First, you can know what kind of people we are sending into your home. It goes without saying, you can never be too careful about allowing strangers into your home. By subjecting applicants and new hires to rigorous background testing, we know exactly what kind of people we employ, and make sure that dangerous individuals aren’t being allowed into your home, or near your family.

Secondly, you can know that we take our business seriously. We believe that a business with lazy hiring practices isn’t likely to pay enough attention to other details. The men and women who perform work on our behalf help build our reputation. That is why we are very careful about interviewing and selecting them.

Not every Arizona plumber or heating and air-conditioning company offers the crime-free advantage. The question isn’t why Rainforest takes this extra step, it’s why more of our colleagues and competitors don’t do the same.

When we reject 1 out of 6 applicants because of a criminal background, where do you think they apply next?