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What Causes Most Drain Clogs?

Posted by Ryan Forest


Hair is the number one cause of drain clogs in showers, bathtubs and bathroom sinks. To reduce (or eliminate) clogged drains from hair, install drain filters or strainers that will catch hair and other solids to only allow water to run through. A professional Phoenix area plumber can help you with drain filters.


We have all seen what hot grease looks like when it cools. It turns to a solid white or yellowish wax-like substance. It’s no wonder that drains clog when we pour liquid grease, oils or meat broth down our sink drains. Avoid ever pouring any of these down any of your drains. It is best to pour them into a container and dispose of the container properly.


Food is another huge cause of clogged drains in the kitchen. Even small food particles will build up over time and eventually become so large that they clog drains. We recommend always having a strainer on your kitchen sink drains, or buying special wire mesh filters to keep over the drain when you don’t have stoppers in place. When using the garbage disposal, make sure to let it completely finish and run hot water throughout the drain for a little while after the food is all gone.


Toilet paper and paper from feminine products are a major cause of clogged toilets. Toilet paper is designed to be quickly and easily broken down by water so that it will flush easily. If too much toilet paper or paper towels are thrown into a toilet, it might not break down and you’ll end up with a clogged drain.


We all love kids and they love their toys. While toys aren’t the most common cause of clogged drains, it’s amazing how often we do see toys as the source of toilet stoppage. Make sure you tell your kids NOT to put their toys down drains – they might not understand plumbing, but let them know it’s not good for the toy and they’ll understand!

If you find yourself with a clogged or stopped drain, contact us to schedule an appointment with one of our qualified plumbing technicians.