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Top 5 Future Technological Advances in HVAC Systems

Posted by Ryan Forest

 Technology is rapidly changing and is constantly improving all aspects of our life, including keeping us cool and warm with HVAC systems. 

Future innovations are in the works that will greatly improve the quality of the air in your home and help you live in comfort while also saving you a few bucks. 



  • Air Conditioners Powered by Ice


A team of engineers in our neighbor state of California has created an ice-powered A/C unit called the Ice Bear. 

So, how does this exactly work? Water sits in a tank overnight to freeze. Then, it is used to cool down the building the next day.

The Ice Bear can work for up to 6 hours, then a more conventional unit will take over to get the job done.  

This is not recommended for homes just yet, but it looks to be a promising option in the near future. However, it could be a great idea to save energy in a commercial building for the time being. 


  • Motion-Activated Air Conditioners

It is no surprise that the MIT engineers have designed a unit that uses sensors to activate your A/C unit. The sensors hang from the ceiling and movement triggers the unit so it only turns on when people are around. Some work still needs to be done on the unit for it to be fully functional, but the amount of energy and money saved will be a great deal. 


  • Smart Homes & A/C Units

Smart homes are becoming more popular thanks to the convenience of a system connected to the home to adjust things such as lighting, security, and even cooling and heating. 

You can control your home’s every detail with the help of smart devices like the Nest. However, there are other options out there on the market that can help save you money. Take the time to shop around and speak with us to know which option is best for you.

The best thing about a smart A/C unit? The ability to control everything through an app on your phone so you can adjust the temperature of your home when you are away. This will end up saving you on your electric bill.


  • Air Conditioner Driven by Thermal

A thermally driven A/C unit is currently in the works. The low-cost alternative is still in the beginning stages of production and not quite available in the United States just yet. 

 The idea behind the unit is that solar energy is used by natural gas for efficient and effective heating and cooling. 


  • 3-D Printed Air Conditioners

3-D printing is taking the world by storm and is greatly improving. In fact, now a 3-D printed a/c unit is not out of the question. 

Yes, it may seem a little far-fetched, but 3-D printing has advanced rapidly over the last few years, so expecting products like a 3-D printed A/C system could very well be a reality one day. 

A company recently created a brick with a 3-D printer that cools down by drawing moisture out of an area. It obviously isn’t useful for extreme temperatures, but with this type of progression, it proves that anything is possible with technology. 


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