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These Touchless Plumbing Technologies Will Leave Your Bathroom Clean

Posted by Ryan Forest

It seems like technology continues to pop up everywhere and now it is hitting the plumbing world with touchless options to help keep your bathroom clean. 


  • Touchless Faucets

You may have seen touchless faucets in shopping centers and other commercial bathrooms. These faucets contain a sensor that detects when something is under it so that water turns on. 

Now can have this option in your own home. Thanks to Delta, Kohler, and Moen, there are many touchless faucets on the market that look appealing.

These faucets are great for the kitchen and bathrooms to help with hygiene. They are a convenient way to limit the spread of germs, plus they come in handy when you are cleaning and cooking. 


  • Smart Toilets

Smart toilets offer functions over your standard toilets such as automatic flush, protection from overflow, a bidet wash, a heated seat, and even a sensor to alert of any leaks. Some even come with a nightlight and flush systems during power outages. 

Not all smart toilets have all of these features, but you can find one that works best for you. Kohler and Ove manufacture these luxurious toilets, which can also be used for water-saving features. 


  • Smart Showers

Move over smart toilets, now there are smart showers! These showers come with a digital panel or an application where you can control the temperature precisely. 

With just a touch of the button, you can adjust the temperature and water spray of your shower. 

Currently, Moen dominates the smart shower market. These showers are mainly used for luxury and convenience but pair well with the theme of a smart home. 


  • Smart Water Heaters

Smart water heaters can help you live in comfort while saving on your water bill. 

With smart water heaters, you can precisely set the temperature of your water heater. Your smart water heater will also learn patterns overtime under the smart mode to help you save on hot water. Plus, they come with a diagnostic screen to alert you to any issues. 

GE, Nest, and Aquanta currently offer smart water heaters for your home. 


  • Leak detectors

Leak detectors are not quite touchless, but they are a great addition to your plumbing system. 

Similar to smoke detectors, leak detectors can detect costly water leaks in your house. They are manually placed where leaks often occur and can alert you before damage is done. 

A few brands like Samsung and Nest are offering leak detectors, which can prevent severe damage from flooding and expensive repairs along with wasting money on leaks. 


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