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The Most Common Office Plumbing Issues

Posted by Ryan Forest

Plumbing issues can be a pain and they can also disrupt your business, even in an office setting. If you don’t get the issue fixed right away, it could greatly impact your business by lowering sales and even getting employees sick. You always want to work with a reliable plumber to help when any of these common plumbing issues arise in your office.


If your pipes are clogged, they could produce a bad smell that lingers throughout the office. Usually you can fix simple clogs yourself, but if the issue is more extreme, you will want to call on your plumber to fix it right away.


Even a minor leak can be a hassle and increase your water bill. If any of your faucets or toilets are leaking, you want to take care of it as soon as possible to prevent an even bigger mess from transpiring.

Water Pressure & Water Temperature

Leaks, among other plumbing issues, can cause inconsistency with your water pressure and the temperature of your water. Make sure your faucets are running efficiently and that there are no issues with the pressure or temperature of the water. If there is, call a plumber to investigate.

Clogged Drains

Dirty water and bacteria can build up in your drains if it is clogged. Unfortunately, these germs spread easily, which could cause your employees to get sick! It is smart to call a plumber to do regular cleaning and routine maintenance to help prevent any buildup in your plumbing pipes.

Rainforest’s timely and professional plumbers are just a call away whenever your commercial plumbing has any issues. It is also smart to schedule routine maintenance to prevent any plumbing issues from even starting. Sometimes it is best not to wait for an issue to arise and prevent any issues with regular maintenance.