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Signs Your Commercial Plumbing is in Trouble

Posted by Ryan Forest

It can be a lot of work to keep your commercial plumbing system up and running. That is why it is important to always schedule preventative maintenance to keep your system in good condition. However, keep in mind that plumbing issues could still arise. The quicker you can identify a problem, the better. Look out for these signs so that you can repair the issue before it worsens.

Water bill
Pay close attention to your monthly water bills because a rise in your bill could mean you have a leak. First, check with your water company to see if there is a change in their pricing. If there has been no change with the water company, call a professional plumber to have them inspect your plumbing for leaks.

Water pressure
If you notice your water pressure dropping, that could be a bad sign. Falling water pressure could mean there is a leak or some sort of blockage. There might just be a certain area affected, meaning that is most likely where the issue is. If you notice most of the building has low water pressure, it could mean there is a deeper issue with the water line.

Water damage
Sometimes plumbing issues can sneak up on you without you knowing when it started. Water damage can cause mold to spread across the ceiling and walls. For example, pinhole leaks can be hard to identify, causing damage over time. If you notice any water damage, even just a little, always call a trusting plumber to inspect your commercial plumbing system.



Photo by Imani on Unsplash