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How Arizona’s First Online Multihousing Community Started at Rainforest

Posted by Ryan Forest

When it comes to the service industry, the management at Rainforest Plumbing & Air knew they had a wealth of knowledge to share. Through the years of building the company, they had created relationships with similar service providers and knew there was even more information to share beyond plumbing and air conditioning services. They began building a network of blogs for various multifamily audiences – but they always imagined expanding it on a much larger scale. Their vision was to create a hub that acted as an online trade show or conference. Working in conjunction with the (Arizona Multihousing Association) AMA, they were able to create Arizona Multihousing Friends; a platform where service experts can share their knowledge and connect with Arizona multihousing professionals.

With a library of over 500 articles, how-to’s, and videos from service experts, the platform provides a learning center for Arizona multihousing professionals. There’s also a vendor directory where users can find the right partner for the right job. All vendors are registered members of the AMA to ensure that all companies on the site are suitable for the job. In addition, AMA Forums are there to encourage discussions on housing topics. Users are welcome to share their ideas, give advice, and build professional relationships.

Whether your title is Property Manager, Property Maintenance Manager, Property Maintenance Supervisor or Property Maintenance Technician, Arizona Multihousing Friends is here to share tips and tricks to make your job easier. Create a free account today and join the growing community of multihousing and service professionals.

Learn more by going to the website at: