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I Have a Plumbing Emergency, What Do I Do Next?

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Plumbing emergencies can result in a big mess, causing a huge inconvenience. If these issues are not fixed right away, they could lead to a costly disaster. This is why you should have a trusted and reliable plumber on call so you know that any plumbing emergency Mesa will be handled right away, saving you time and money. 

What are Common Plumbing Emergencies?

There are many plumbing issues that can be considered an emergency, requiring attention right away. But these are the top 3 that we see most often.

Overflowing Toilet

An overflowing toilet is one of the most common plumbing emergencies we fix. The cause of an overflowing toilet can be from a clog or a malfunction. The first thing to do when experiencing an overflowing toilet is to shut off the water flow. Minor clogs will need just a plunger to fix the issue, or an auger to fish out the debris that is blocking it. Once this is fixed, you can turn the water back on. However, more serious issues causing an overflowing toilet might require the help of a professional plumber.

Leak/Burst Pipes

Pipes can occasionally leak, and when caught early on, won’t cause much damage. If you notice that the leak is starting at the joints, tighten the join with a wrench. A rubber patch or waterproof tape can also repair leaking pipes until a professional can properly fix it.

There are times when your pipes might burst, usually causing a disaster. In fact, 100 gallons of water can be leaked during just an 8 hour period. This is caused by corrosion on the pipes building up over the years. When this occurs, shut off the water immediately and remove any items that might be in the way of being damaged. Immediately after, call for help as soon as possible so a professional can access the problem and fix it!

Water Heater Malfunction

A water heater can malfunction and can cause severe damage when not repaired right away. If your water heater is leaking, call a professional right away. If you notice your water being an odd color or having an odd odor, try flushing out your water tank, which can also improve the efficiency. 

The Importance of Routine Maintenance

When a plumbing emergency arises, fast reactive maintenance is needed to prevent a major disaster from occurring. On top of reactive maintenance, routine preventative maintenance can also help prevent these disasters from ever occurring. Regularly scheduled check-ups will help you avoid dealing with costly damage, help improve performance, and prolong the life of plumbing equipment and pipes. At least once a year, you should call your trusted plumber for a routine check. During this routine preventative maintenance check-up, a technician will check your water heater, faucets, toilets, sinks, drains, valves, pipes vents, and pumps. They will be looking for any leaks, corrasion, loss of water pressure, along with any issues with water temperature.

Rainforest Plumbing and Air  

Did you know that Rainforest Plumbing and Air is always open to help at all hours of the night? That means if you are having a plumbing issue at midnight, we will be there to fix it. We can also come out to fix faucets, garbage disposals, hot water heaters, clogged drains, residential AC units, commercial AC unit, thermostats and more. All of your plumbing needs can be easily scheduled 24 hours a day so that you can rest easy knowing that only the best plumber is available with just a click or a phone call away.