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How to Prevent Your Kids From Causing Plumbing Issues

Posted by Ryan Forest

Summer is almost here and the kids will be home more often and possibly bored. Make sure you are ready by preventing the kids from causing any major plumbing issues that could lead to a big disaster and cost you a large bill in the end.

Common Plumbing Issues
When the kids are bored at home, there are many things that can lead to a plumbing disaster. Here are just a few common plumbing issues that often occur during the summer months.

Clogged Disposal
A garbage disposal can easily get clogged with kids shoving things down it that shouldn’t be. Always be smart and teach your kids what should and should not be used in the disposal. Since cookouts and fruit are popular in the summer, your disposal is going to find itself overworked. Keep the disposal clean by using safe cleaners on a regular basis and make sure it is properly working with preventative maintenance.

Clogged Shower Drains
Shower drains will also get clogged more often during the summer months, especially if you are having house guests this summer and the shower will be overused. Not only will hair clog the drains, dirt and sand from hanging out at the beach or lounging by the pool will also easily clog drains. To prevent this, try to rinse off outside before taking a shower. This may sound silly, but this is especially helpful if you have been at the beach as you want to avoid any sand from going down shower drains. Also, a drain cover is an inexpensive and helpful tool to prevent clogged shower drains.

Clogged Toilets
Toilets are going to be used more in the summer since the kids are home more and you may have more house guests than usual. On top of being overused during the summer, some kids could get really bored while at home and cause issues by accidentally dropping things or putting things in the toilet that don’t belong like toys. Make sure your kids know how to properly use the toilets. Also, keep toilets clean and make sure they are working properly at all times.

Preventative Maintenance
To prevent these plumbing issues from creeping up on you, preventative maintenance can help. With preventative maintenance, your plumbing can be checked out to ensure everything works properly. Trained plumbers Mesa AZ will know what to look for and perform routine maintenance that is needed on your pipes, drains, and toilets. Technicians will also be able to recommend if things need to be repaired or replaced, so that it runs efficiently. It is best to do this before school is out and it is also wise to do it after summer is over. Preventative maintenance will end up saving you money in the end and will also prevent major issues.

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