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Energy Saving Tips For Arizona Summers

Posted by Ryan Forest

Spring has officially sprung, which means summer is just around the corner. The heat is coming and so are high electric bills, but with preventative maintenance and these helpful tips, you can save on your energy bill–even when it heats up in Arizona.

It happens every summer–Arizona sees high temperatures bringing on extreme heat. This usually leads us to cranking up our air conditioner to keep cool. Even though your air conditioner may keep your home at a nice low temperature, it will come with a hefty electric bill. Here are some ways to help keep your electric bill from sky rocketing this summer.

Preventative Maintenance
Before it gets too warm, you should hire a technician to check your air conditioning unit. A technician will check to make sure your unit is running efficiently, will make sure all vents are clear of debris, check for leaks, check the thermostat, and check for any proper fluid levels. This is a good time for a Mesa ac repair if needed. A check-up will ensure that your unit is working properly at its best during the summer months. During your routine preventative maintenance, your technician will be able to let you know if you need to repair or replace your unit, before the heat comes.

Things You Can Do
There are some things you can do to keep your electric bill down this summer. After you schedule a preventative maintenance appointment, start by checking all of your vents and make sure that they are clean by freeing them of dust and make sure they are open. After that, check your home and ensure that you seal and insulate it well to keep the cool air in. Also, try to block the sun from coming in by investing in some decent blinds. Fans are another item that are worth every penny as they can help circulate the air and cool down the room you are in.

Upgrade Your System & Lights
On top of replacing your unit when needed, you should also consider upgrading your thermostat. A new thermostat can really make all the difference in the world and help you save on electric bills. With the advancement in technology, there are new systems that can be controlled through your smartphone. This comes in handy when you are away and forget to adjust the temperature. Simply open up the app on your phone and make your home warmer so that it isn’t running while you are away. On top of saving on your HVAC unit, you’ll also want to consider saving when it comes to your lighting. This can be done by switching to LED light bulbs. Some light bulbs can really transfer heat throughout your home, but not LED light bulbs. They also use only a fraction of the power, which will help you save.

By practicing these tips and tricks, you will prevent your air conditioning unit from overworking, which will save you big on your electric bills.

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