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5-Point Summer Energy Saving Tips

Posted by Ryan Forest

It’s no secret that air conditioning expenses here in Arizona make up a huge part of our monthly budget during the summer. It is amazing the difference you can make by making sure to stay on top of these simple rules:

1. Programmable Thermostat  – If you don’t have one, get one! It is amazing the difference you can make in energy consumption with a fine-tuned program running your temperature control.

2. Temperature Control Timing – Make sure your system is not cooling down your space too much while you’re not at home. Going to be gone for a few days? Don’t be afraid to turn it completely off except during the extremely hot months of summer, then just adjust up to 95 degrees. Also, a couple of degrees can make a world of difference. You might be surprised at the savings when you change the thermostat to 79 degrees instead of 77 degrees.

3. Air Filters – Keep air filters clean so your system doesn’t have to work so hard. Dirty filters are the number one cause of excessive system wear and ice build-up problems. Not only will clean filters reduce your energy bills, they will also reduce service and repair expenses.

4. Sufficient Insulation – Make sure your property is properly insulated and there are no gaps or holes around doors and windows that allow air to escape. If so, fix any issues immediately!

5. Strategic Shade – Shade can help a ton on the unit itself as well as the home. Window shade material and strategically placed trees and shrubs can really help reduce cooling expenses, especially on west-facing exposures.


Photo by Moja Msanii on Unsplash