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epitomizes the professionalism we expect

Dear Mr. Tippetts,
The purpose of this letter is to inform you of our experience with one of your technicians today. We had a low water pressure issue with our kitchen faucet and were very pleased with the service we received from Tim. Tim epitomizes the professionalism we expect from an outstanding plumbing company. He was excellent in every way. Tim’s skills, knowledge and ability are assets to your organization. He took the time to explain our problem and described what needed to be done to correct it. Thanks to Tim, we will be calling upon your team for all of our future plumbing and air conditioning needs. Please pass along our sincere appreciation to Tim.

– S. Luna in Scottsdale

professional, polite and fast repair

I am the Director for Enterprise Fleet Management, and was aware of Rainforest through Kyle Le Baron and Taylor Brockbank.

I wanted to reach out and give you some great feedback on Antonio (I believe) and your Team 4 Plumbing On Call folks. I had a much larger puddle than I like in the garage yesterday morning, your guys got to my house in less than an hour, and just an hour later I had a new hot water heater. He was professional and polite and represented your brand very favorably.

It is always a pleasure when I have the opportunity to reciprocate with a current business client and your guys really delivered for me.

Best regards,
– S. Tudor, Director – Enterprise Fleet Management

service was phenomenal

Boss, I wanted to thank you for setting me up with the guys over at Rainforest Air. The service was phenomenal, we all loved it. On behalf of the whole family thank you very much.

– J. Ortiz

great skills and great character

I wanted to tell you about an interaction I had today with one of your technicians that will make you proud. Brendan came by my rental property today to install a new thermostat and perform a maintenance check on the A/C system. He did a wonderful job with his assigned work.

As we were completing the invoice and I wrote him a check, I offered to buy his sandwich for lunch and tried to tip him $10. Brendan told me it was against RainForest’s policy to accept a tip and he wanted to maintain company rules, though he was grateful for the gesture. Not only did Brendan show great skill in his profession, he also demonstrated great character within his profession.

Thank you for the great service yet again. You should be proud of Brendan!

– C. Morin

very pleased with the quick response

I called Phil’s cell phone yesterday in a panic because a cement vendor had hit a domestic water line at my building in Tempe. Phil responded immediately and got your technician over within the hour to repair the line and prepare a proposal for a new backflow valve and gate valves. My tenants were very pleased with the quick response and I can’t thank Phil enough for his help. You have some fine people working with you, they care and it shows.

Thanks again,
– S. Petersen

extremely professional and had the job done quickly

Just wanted to say thanks again for making the arrangements to send a tech out to my place. Dave was extremely professional and had the job done quickly and cold air was blowing shortly thereafter! I really appreciate all you and the entire Rainforest Plumbing & Air Team do!

– Rob S., AMA

fast response, knowledgeable and reasonable price

Hello, I just wanted to say thank you to Rainforest company and a special thank you to tech 35, Ed. We had a leak and Ed came, found it and repaired it. As a senior citizen, I truly appreciated the fast response, and knowledge of the tech, and the reasonable price of the job. You may count me as one pleased customer, and expect calls, if I have any future problems.

Once again, Thank You,
– C.J. in Surprise

communication, follow through and follow up is quite refreshing

I just wanted to thank you and your office for the service your provide. The communication, follow through and follow up is quite refreshing. I have been a community manager for 5 years and I have never used Rainforest until now. I inherited you on one of my properties and I will never use another plumber. Thank you, to you, your techs and everyone at Rainforest for your wonderful customer service. You have made my job stress free.

– City Property Management Company

provided knowledgeable service and conducted himself in a very professional manner

This was the first time I have used Rainforest Plumbing & Air for A/C services for one of the Community Associations that I manage in the East Valley. Your technician, Mr. DuBois provided knowledgeable service and conducted himself in a very professional manner at all times. It’s a nice change of pace when vendors show up as scheduled, are skilled in their craft and are well kept/professional in appearance (as all too often in that type of work, techs tend to be disheveled or lack in the look of cleanliness). Mr. DuBois thoroughly went over what he was doing and took the time to reset the thermostat that had been tampered with on repeated occasions, resulting in wasted use of energy.

Additionally, Tiffiani (Dispatcher) was quite prompt in getting my property scheduled for service and providing me with the information that I requested!

– Carissa in Mesa

first-time customer and i am totally impressed with your company

Your service tech Matt just provided service to my home. He cleaned out two drains and provided an estimate and advice on repairing a drain leak on an underground P-Trap cast iron fitting. I am a first-time customer and I am totally impressed with your company. Matt was courteous, efficient, answered all my questions and provided service above and beyond my expectations.

As Matt was leaving, I wanted to get a feel for the relationship between the Rainforest workers and the President, so I asked Matt if he knew Ike Tippetts. His response was a very positive “Oh yes he meets with us on a weekly basis.” When I told Matt what had impressed me with Rainforest Plumbing he said that he would let Mr. Tippetts know because Ike always appreciates such feedback. I thanked Matt and told him I was also going to write this email.

Since my decision to use your company was based on two web sites, let me leave you with this joke from Kylie, my 9 year old granddaughter:

“What did the spider say to the fly?” “See you on the web!”

– Rick in Phoenix

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