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Monday, June 14, 2010
AMA Trade Show 2010 – Phoenix, AZ

“We Play To Win” was a tagline plastered throughout the Phoenix Convention Center, as over 110 exhibitors gathered on June 9-10 in the South Plaza to participate in the 2010 AMA Education Conference and Trade Show. Among numerous other plumbers in Arizona, Rainforest Plumbing & Air’s booth stood out in the eyes of the judges, and was rewarded an overall first place ribbon!

The AMA is Arizona’s Multi-housing Association, a nonprofit trade organization for apartments and rental homes throughout Arizona. Consisting of over 2,000 members and almost 200,000 units, the AMA is a resource among property managers to improve skill and competency. The annual conference and trade show is a pinnacle event each year, allowing hundreds of individuals involved in the industry to gather and participate in education, social events, and a tributes award ceremony.

With the AMA’s trade show theme of “We Play To Win” in mind, Rainforest Plumbing & Air based their booth off the popular television show, Survivor. Tactix Creative designed a special logo, and many others worked together to create the multi-piece booth.

A basketball game was played by the hundreds of attendants, and prizes featuring brand-new Rainforest University t-shirts and Rainforest’s famous plush monkey stuffed animal were given away in huge quantities. Running the booth was Rhonda and her team of four sales representatives, all friendly, professional, and fun!

Rainforest Plumbing & Air thanks all those involved in making this year’s AMA Trade Show a huge success. Congratulations to all the nominees, finalists, and winners of this year’s tribute awards!

posted by Chris on Monday, June 14th @ 10:11am PT

Wednesday, April 14, 2010
Rainforest University Meeting Room and Logo

The management at Rainforest Plumbing & Air has been working hard lately to develop their new non-profit program, Rainforest University.

To further the efforts, the inventory room at Rainforest's Chandler, Arizona facilities was renovated and converted to a large meeting room. Dubbed the "University Room" by Rainforest president Ike Tippetts, it features a spacious carpeted floor to accommodate a variety of meeting styles and training situations. The entire south wall was covered with 1'x1' slate tile, with a large whiteboard and projector screen and curtains installed for multimedia presentations.

The University Room was used for the first time yesterday morning for a presentation entitled "New Developments: Spring 2010" in which the company's new website was demoed for various members of the Rainforest team. The University Room also serves as office space for 4 business development specialists.

In addition to the completion of the new meeting room, the company also unveiled the new official logo for the Rainforest University program. Designed by Gilbert, Arizona-based branding firm Tactix Creative, the logo is intended to resemble an academic seal, such as those found associated with actual universities. Rainforest's primate mascot, Ryan Forest is featured in the center of the seal, dressed in cap and gown.

Rainforest University began as a program called "Customer Appreciation Days". Rainforest Plumbing & Air hosts free maintenance seminars for groups of maintenance professionals including property maintenance technicians, managers, and supervisors.  Seminars are hosted at their office and include a free lunch and gifts for all attendees from property management companies.

posted by Dallin on Thursday, April 14th @ 12:55pm PT

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